Nutrition Support Programme

About the programme

The 91桃色视频's Nutrition Support Programme works to improve the future health outcomes of young children by setting a standard for nutrition practice in early years settings.

We provide bespoke and tailored support for early years settings, delivered by a network of registered nutritionists and dietitians with experience in the early years.

Our nutritionists work virtually and/or face to face in partnership with providers, supporting them on their journey to improve and enhance their approach to nutrition practice across a wide range of criteria.

Through an assessment and accreditation process, the nurseries and pre-schools are awarded a Quality Mark at a level that best reflects their commitment to delivering the right foods and experiences to support the health and wellbeing of children in their care 鈥 providing parents and families with peace of mind.

Support is tailored and nuanced towards the demographic of each particular setting and community in which it operates, recognising each early years setting is different with its own unique challenges.

We are keen to support as many settings as possible and we are happy to discuss your requirements. 

Nutrition packages 

Our nutrition packages are bespoke for your setting, rather than offering a prescriptive, rigid programme, we provide flexible support tailored to your needs. As such, it鈥檚 always best for you to get in touch with us so we can consider what support you need and guide you towards the most suitable package.  

Here鈥檚 an example of what our packages might include for you.

First steps on the journey  

This will consist of support from a registered nutritionist for 10 hours. In this time, our nutritionist will focus on the areas of food provision that are the biggest priority for you. This might include reviewing your menu and offer advice on areas to improve and observing your setting鈥檚 mealtimes and offer guidance to improve this experience. You will also be able to access online nutrition resources from our team. 

You will be able to display our Committed logo on your website for one year after signing up to this.

Quality mark  

This will consist of 22 hours of support. It includes the options from the 'First steps on the journey' package but you will have access to more in-depth support which might include staff training, webinars, meeting and supporting families, and assessing your setting against a robust set of criteria to help you achieve our Quality Mark accreditation.   

Once the quality mark criteria has been met you will be able to display our Accredited Quality Mark on your website, along with your certificate, for one year after being accredited. 

Premium package 

This consists of a much more detailed level of support; nutritionists will work with your setting for 40 hours. You will get all the options from the 'First Steps on the journey' and 'Quality mark' packages, plus we can provide more training, more meetings or webinar with parents, some pre-recorded videos and podcasts, and resources based on your needs. 
With this level of support from our registered nutritionists, settings are often able to go the extra mile and may be eligible for our advanced level quality mark ward. Settings who meet the advanced level criteria will be able to display our Advanced Quality Mark on their website, along with a certificate, for one year after being accredited. We are keen to support as many settings as possible and we are happy to discuss your requirements.  

Resource pack download

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Resource pack contents
  • Recipe cards
  • A-Z guide to nutrition and hydration in the early years
  • Build a strong immune system 
  • Childhood obesity facts and figures
  • Creating healthy habits
  • Early Years nutrition facts and figures
  • Encouraging good eating habits in your setting
  • Food activity ideas for families
  • How to make the perfect lunchbox for pre-schoolers
  • Managing menus in times of uncertainty
  • Promoting healthy and active lifestyles
  • Valuable vegetables


We are keen to support as many settings as possible and we are happy to discuss your requirements. 
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