Family hubs


 Early Years 91ɫƵ: your partner in the development and implementation of Family Hubs

Working in the sector for more than 60 years, the Early Years 91ɫƵ has a proven track record in helping and supporting children, young people and their families to achieve positive outcomes and changes for life. 

We have an experienced, qualified workforce skilled in working with babies, infants, children and young people, as well as their parents and carers.  

We specialise in working with children and their families in the first 1,001 days of life and up to the age of five.

Our focus is on preventing problems occurring wherever possible by providing a range of excellent universal and universal plus services in the heart of local communities. 

We have provided early years services in partnership with Local Authorities in England since the Sure Start initiative launch in 1999.

Our services and partnerships continue and over the past 22 years we have listened, learned and developed to be a significant provider of:

  • antenatal and early years services and support
  • childcare provision
  • early intervention and prevention 
  • children's centre services and family support
  • adult and family learning
  • volunteering, co-production and parental engagement.

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