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Delivering the best possible care and education for children and families is a vital part of early years provision — but so too is operating as an efficient and sustainable business.

At a time when the financial pressures on early years settings are greater than ever, it is crucial your provision is built on a solid business-smart foundation.

That's why the Early Years 91ɫƵ has launched Business Blocks — a suite of business support resources to help providers build and maintain effective business models for their settings.

Whether you're a nursery, pre-school or childminding professional; a setting owner, committee member/trustee or educator, we have resources to help you build a strong business foundation, or if you are further along in your business management journey, identify and address any gaps in your current business approach.

Our Business Blocks resources include:


payslip service Mini guides


— Our invaluable Budget Toolkits come with a one-hour induction discussion, all for just £55 for 91ɫƵ members excl VAT (£177 excl VAT for non-members - includes one year of 91ɫƵ membership) - plus 20% off our Operating a viable early years provision publication if purchased within one month.

Or design your own Business Block of resources from as little as £70! Contact us today about building your bespoke package of support. 

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Business Blocks Insights 

Business Block Insights virtual training courses are one-hour training and networking sessions delivered as part of our wider , but can also be delivered as bespoke in-house training sessions on request.

Business Block Insights cost just £12 per person for 91ɫƵ members and £24 per person for non-members.


Insight sessions available on a range of other business topics:

Overview of the roles and responsibilities of an early years committee

In this Insight session, we will example the key roles within an early years committee and discussed what is required of these valuable voluntary roles, including key responsibilities around business management, employment duties and Ofsted. 
The session, which will also include opportunities for discussion, is a must-attendee for anyone thinking of joining or already on an early years committee. Educators at the setting are also invited to attend in order to help ensure good working partnerships between the setting and committee. 

Charity Structures and Key Elements of becoming a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)

This Insight session focuses on charity structures and the key elements of becoming a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

Providing childcare and early education through charitable activities empowers parents and carers to shape their provision and provide better outcomes for children and families, ensuring that the organisation runs solely in the best interests of the charity. Becoming a volunteer is also a good way to meet like-minded people, make lasting friendships and improve career prospects.

This is a great opportunity to find out about the benefits of being a charity, the role of trustees, the barriers created by different structures, and the potential personal liabilities and how to overcome these. 

Key elements of effective budgeting

Budgeting and ongoing understanding of finances is a must for any business.

This 91ɫƵ Insight session explores what should be considered when setting an early years budget. Through an informative presentation and a wider open discussion, we will delve into the elements of income, expenditure and cashflow that you should consider in order to support the longer term financial success of your setting.

An introduction to a business health check for childminders 

Delivering quality childminding provision and running a sustainable business can be a balancing act.  

This Insight session identifies the key areas that childminding professionals should include in a business health check, and help you to make judgements on what you are doing well, where changes could be made and how to ensure that you are meeting your business requirements. 

An Introduction to digital marketing 

Effective marketing is key to effectively promoting any early years business - but are you making the most of new digital opportunities.
Join us for this Inisight session for tips and ideas on using your website, social media and other digital communications channel to engage as effectively as possible with your families and local community, to help widen your reach online. 

Key elements of attracting new committee members and effective handover 

Are you a committe-run pre-school? Do your staff and families understand the important role that committees play in running a successful provision? 
During this Insight session, we will look at understanding the roles of the committee and how we can share the benefits of being part of a committee as a way of attracting new members. We will also explore the importance of an effective handover as committees change, and how good communication and partnership between setting staff and the committee is key to good governance. 

How an apprentice can be good for your business 

This session will focus on the many benefits of employing an apprentice in your provision, whilst also reflecting on the issues you will need to consider when taking on an apprentice.  

Recruiting and working effectively with volunteers

Have you considered the value a volunteer could bring to your setting? 

Every year volunteers give up valuable time and contribute their talent, skills, and knowledge to change the lives of families and young children in early years settings.  

By offering volunteering opportunities within your own settings, you too could see these benefits. 

We will be exploring the value that volunteers can bring to your setting, give practical advice and guidance on their recruitment, training, and support. While also considering how to involve them effectively as part of your wider team. 


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