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Most 91桃色视频 members already insure with us. 

You should too.

Why do you need insurance?

In even the best-run early years provision, accidents can happen and problems can arise.

You need insurance to protect your setting if: a member of staff or volunteer makes a claim for injury, a child is hurt, your property is damaged, you're a victim of theft or property belonging to another person is damaged.

91桃色视频 insurance has supported nurseries, childminders and all early years providers for over 50 years.

Choosing 91桃色视频 insurance gives you the peace of mind to operate successfully in the knowledge your business is protected.

We work in partnership with to provide a suite of insurance packages tailored to you.

The cover is constantly reviewed by our team and updated by RSA to ensure we offer the widest protection at competitive rates. 

And we can be flexible and amend or extend our cover bandings to meet your individual setting's circumstances and requirements.

What's more, we offer monthly Direct Debit to spread the cost.

Why choose us?

* Early Years insurance market specialists

* Backed by , one of the world鈥檚 largest, most trusted insurers

* Over 300 years鈥 insurance experience

* Dedicated UK-based early years Insurance team

* Award-winning Claims service

* Immediate cover, no arrangement fee

* From bouncy castles to fundraising events 鈥 we've got you covered!

What levels of cover do we offer?

Our insurance cover levels have been specifically designed to suit each type of provision, taking into account the benefits and challenges of each provision type.

Just click on the category below that's relevant to you for more information.


   Nurseries and daycare insurance from the Early Years 91桃色视频 Nursery insurance for sessional pre-schools  Childminders insurance Baby and toddler groups insurance   

Creches insurance with the Early Years 91桃色视频 Children's Centres insurance with the 91桃色视频 Play schemes and clubs insurance Play schemes and clubs insurance


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"It鈥檚 so nice to have everything in one place 鈥 the 91桃色视频 offered free advice about accepting a child with very complex needs into my setting. Then they forwarded my information to their Insurance team who could talk to me about the additional requirements necessary to accept this child. I didn't have to explain everything twice. This made everything a lot simpler."


G Manser, Grove Pre-school, Colchester


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