Art ideas

Rock Painting 

Little ones often love to pick up pebbles, stones, rocks or the tiniest little bits of gravel whilst they are out and about.

Here’s a lovely idea using those very things…rock painting!  

Whilst they are busy having fun covering their stone in paint, they’re also learning to paint a solid object, which really helps to develop their hand-eye coordination.  

Rock on!


Mud Painting 

Rain, rain, go away! If you’re in need of some sunshine, why not brighten up your landscape with some mud paint?  mud painting

It’s so easy to make - just collect some soil, add water to it and mix.  Then, encourage the little ones to add a little or a lot of water to create thick, lumpy, runny, smooth pots of mud! 

You can also add food colouring if you want to, then find a bit of pavement, fence or tree and paint away! 

The glorious thing about a mud picture is that once you have taken a photo it can be washed away...or just let the rain do it! 

Happy Painting.


Painting in the Kitchen 

Here’s a lovely idea from , a way to get creative and paint not with brushes, but with kitchen tools instead!  kitchen utensils

So, ditch those brushes for a potato masher, whisk, tongs, spatula, colander…whatever kitchen utensils you have! 

Watch the children explore all the different ways the tools can be used, and talk about all the different marks they make.  

Have a smashing, stamping, spreading, swishing, swirling, splattering time! 


Homemade Paintbrushes 

Here’s a great idea from Emma Owl. 

All you need are clothes pegs and various bits and bobs the children can find that will easily fit into them. Hey presto!  Brushes to experiment with!  

Don’t forget to talk about the different brushes and the marks they make.

Which brush was best?  


Happy brushing!  

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