Fun and healthy recipe ideas for kids

Fruity Pizzas

Have you ever had a fruity pizza?  

It’s such a simple idea, perfect for a summer’s day, so easy to do and a fun way to offer your little one a chance to try new fruits and new tastes!  

Firstly, slice the largest fruit you can find across its middle to create the pizza base. 

This could be a watermelon or an apple. 

Then, it’s time for your little one to become the chef and sprinkle sliced strawberries, blueberries, grapes, bananas, currants, satsuma segments, whatever they fancy over the top.  And…ta dah!  Your very own fruity pizza!  

With thanks to  for the inspiration!

Fruit Kebabs 

Finding fun ways to introduce your little ones to a wider variety of fruits and new tastes can be a real challenge.    

Fruit kebabs are one great way to do this - putting familiar tastes next to a new fruit! 




Fromage Frais Lollies 

Fancy an ice cream or lolly? No problem!   

Keep your little ones happy with healthy, frozen snacks. All you need is some fromage frais, yoghurt or mashed up fruit (along with empty pots to freeze the fruit in) and some syringes like those you use to give your little one paracetamol. If you don’t have the syringes, it also works just as well with teaspoons.   

Your little one can help you to prepare these too. Remember, it’s been proven that children are more likely to eat something if they’re involved in its prep!   


Finger Salads 

Do you have a daily battle trying to entice your little one to eat their vegetables? 

We love this idea from Super Healthy Kids to encourage them to do just that!  

The snack is called a ‘finger salad,’ because your little one can eat this ‘salad’ with their fingers, no forks required! 

This one had simply grapes (do slice for little ones), cheese, carrots and peas. 

Have a ‘hap-pea’ day, every day! 


Your little one may be more inclined to eat vegetables if they have been involved in making the dish.

Frittatas are healthy, quick and fun to make.

Why not

Mind how you crack those eggs though!    

Happy Frittata-ing! 


We’re sure you are well aware that the best way to encourage your little one to eat or try new food, is when they’ve helped to prepare the meal themselves.  

Here’s our funny little friend Susie again,

We’re always amazed that there are any ingredients left by the time Susie’s finished snacking on them!  

Bon Appetit!  

Banana Muffins 

Why not have a go at baking some delicious banana muffins with your little one?  


Happy Baking! 


Funny Pizza Faces 

Why not encourage your little ones to help you to carefully chop, spread, cut and sprinkle some healthy ingredients for a pizza?   

So, if you make a funny picture out of the pizza, this will be an even bigger incentive for them to want to get involved and later, eat it!  No pizza base?  No problem - you can use a tortilla wrap or pitta bread instead.  

Happy Pizza Making! 

(With thanks to the  and BBC Good Food for the image) 


cheesey feetCheesy Feet 

We love this recipe as all it requires is three ingredients and just twelve minutes cooking time.  

The ingredients are:   

75g grated cheddar cheese  

150 s-Բ&Բ;ڱdzܰ&Բ;&Բ;

100g salted butter, chilled and cubed  


So, here’s how:  

1. Grate the cheese into a large bowl, although save a little to sprinkle on top.  

2. Add the flour and butter and using your fingers rub all the ingredients together until it forms into a ball of dough.  

3. Tip the dough out onto a lightly floured surface and roll it out, although not too thick.  About 5mm should do.  

4. Encourage your little one to stand on a piece of paper.  Then, draw around their foot, cut out the shape and put this on top of the dough.  

5. Cut around the foot shape.  

6. Place the ‘feet’ onto the baking tray and sprinkle each using the remaining grated cheese.   

7. Bake for 10-12 minutes until golden.  Allow to cool before serving.  

There you have it: delicious, cheesy feet!    

Happy Nibbling!  

(With thanks to Nigella for the image and the inspiration) 

Pizza Bagels 

Have a go at making these simple ‘pizza bagels’ with your little one? 

You can add as many different toppings as you like, the healthier the better, tailoring them to suit your little one’s taste buds.   

Time spent cooking together is a great opportunity to introduce your little one to new foods and flavours, so why not encourage them to try a tiny piece of something a little different today? 

They may surprise you.

Happy Pizza Prepping!  

Winnie The Pooh Snacks 

Here are some lovely ideas for some healthy Winnie the Pooh party snacks!  

First, there’s “Rabbit’s Garden” - a fun way to get your little one nibbling on those veggies.  Just chop up whatever fresh veg you have to hand into bitesize nibbles.  Then add a bowl of natural yoghurt or hummus for a tasty treat.   

Next, there’s “Winnie the Pooh’s Smoothie” - a tasty, tangy and healthy drink.  For the yellow part of the smoothie you’ll need a banana, pineapple, mango or peach (whichever you have available).  Mix with a dash of milk or milk alternative if you prefer vegan.  For the red part of the smoothie, either raspberries or strawberries, a small spoonful of honey (if your little one likes it) and more milk / milk alternative.  Blend the yellow and red portions of the smoothies separately.  Finally, layer together and add some banana ‘ears’ to look like Winnie the Pooh! 

Still have a ‘rumbly tumbly’? 

Then these delicious “Tigger’s Tails” are so easy to make for an occasional treat.  Just melt some chocolate and dip in mandarin, tangerine or orange slices.   

(With thanks to  for the inspiration and photos) 


Hot Chocolate 

Here’s a lovely recipe for those cold winter days - or just all year round! 

All you need is a mug of milk (or milk alternative such as oat or soya milk) and your little one’s favourite chocolate bar, ready to grate in (vegan chocolate works just as well).  

Warm the milk gently in a small saucepan and before it boils, whisk in the grated chocolate until it has all melted thoroughly. 

This has the bonus of frothing everything up a bit. 

Then pour out, serve and enjoy.  Deeeelicious!  

(With thanks to the  for the inspiration) 

Tree Snacks

Bored of the same old snacks?

It's time to branch out with this recipe.

Ask your little chef to help you carefully cut some grapes and break some breadsticks to make a healthy ‘tree’ snack? 

(Tip: the safest way for our little ones to eat grapes is when the grapes are cut lengthways in half and then lengthways again into small quarters)   

Or you could always try an uplifting tropical palm tree instead? 

All you’ll need for this one is bananas, a satsuma and some kiwi.  

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